Are you a pickle lover?

In honor of Labor Day, take a moment to talk to someone about their work.  I don’t mean asking the typical “How’s work?” question.  Push for a little more information.  Ask a specific question.  Perhaps, “What do you do at work that you find satisfying?” or “What about your job are you proud of?”  or “What do you wish you could do differently?”  First off, just by asking a question you are showing interest which should make anyone feel good.  Secondly, you might find out something that you never knew.  For example, you might find out that the person owns a small business on the side that is truly their passion, like Joe Mor who is the business owner at Big and Lou’s Craft Pickle Company.  I’ve tried his pickles and he has not only turned me into a pickle lover, but also a selective one who no longer buys pickles at the grocery store because I’ve had Big and Lou’s Craft Pickles!  So make someone’s day, ask them about their work, the answer might turn you into a pickle lover.

You can find Big and Joe’s Craft Pickle Company on Facebook.

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