Stay Hydrated

There are many curious habits that my husband has, I have learned to appreciate and respect them.  During the hot summer months he has always insisted on keeping bottles of water or Gatorade in the car.  I used to question him, “Why do you keep it in the car, it gets hot in the car?”  He never answered.

So all summer we would drive around with bottles of water or Gatorade, or both, rolling around on the floor of the back seat in our car.  Then one day I noticed there was only one left.  I thought perhaps he drank them or they were expired and he finally tossed them.  At the grocery store though he added a 12 pack of Gatorade to the cart.  Then he wandered off while I was choosing produce and returned with a 12 pack of water bottles.

“Why are you buying all of that?” I asked.

“We need it” he responded.

When we got home he never brought the water or the Gatorade in.  They stayed in the car.  But they kept disappearing.  Another curious habit of his, he often goes out for a drive.  One day I went with him and that’s when I saw the kindness he was spreading.  He was giving away all those bottles of hydration.  Construction workers, landscapers, firefighters flushing hydrants and police officers were being kept hydrated by my husband’s kindness.  So this summer, while you are staying hydrated yourself I encourage you to spread some kindness around too.

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