I am blessed with amazing cousins.  As adults they are kind, compassionate, respectful and caring individuals.  I stress the word individuals because each of them is very different.  Each of them is also very respectful of those differences.

As children we all spent many a Sunday at our grandparents’ home playing outside.  While there hours were spent outside playing hide-n-seek, tetherball, watching baby bunnies hop about, catching grasshoppers and then letting them go, playing with the neighbor’s kittens, or making flower necklaces.  Then in the evening we’d enjoy sandwiches and cookies while gathering in front of the TV.  Those were good times!

In spite of all the common denominators in our upbringing we all turned into our own unique self.  But also, because of the common denominators, when one of us needs advice, support, encouragement, empathy or simply an understanding nod or hug, they are there unconditionally, to give.

Be kind, like my cousins, and give unconditionally to someone who is feeling down, sad or misunderstood.  Trust me, you will make their day.

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