Say Thank You to a Teacher

Turtles.  I asked some friends to give me words that I could one day use as writing prompts, thank you Amy Elizabeth for the word, turtles.  Back when I was a little girl you could go to the local dime-store and purchase a tiny turtle as a pet.  You could also purchase a plastic beach of sorts that had a small area you could fill with water for your turtle to swim in and an “island” area for them to sun on, if you were fortunate enough to purchase the deluxe model it may have even had a small plastic palm tree!  You can no longer do that, due to the risk of salmonella, I believe.  Anyhow, at different times, Amy Elizabeth and I  both worked in a classroom named the Tricky Turtle class.  We were both proud of the difference we made while teaching in that room.

Everything I know about turtles I learned from a teacher.  It’s Teacher Appreciation week, the perfect time to make a teacher’s day!  Give them a smile, an apple, a candy bar, write them a note, take a photo with them or talk with them and say “Thank you for all you do”.  Feel free to comment about a teacher who made a difference to you and invite them to visit and read this!  So THANK YOU Amy Elizabeth and all teachers who give so much, simply THANK YOU.

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