Keep Christmas with you


“Keep Christmas with you

All through the year,

When Christmas is over,

You can keep it near.

Think of this Christmas day

When Christmas is far away.

Keep Christmas with you

All through the year,

When Christmas is over,

Save some Christmas cheer.

These precious moments,

Hold them very dear

And keep Christmas with you

All through the year.

When my children were preschoolers that song prompted talks about Christmas spirit and it also lead to a Christmas tradition for our family.  Each year, when we pack up the Christmas decorations each of us selects one item to keep out.  Often it is an ornament or a small knick-knack.  We then find a place to put it, somewhere that it will be seen every day.  The thought being that when we see this little piece of Christmas every day it will remind us of the joy of giving, the importance of traditions and relationships and to keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year.  And yes, it works!  Another family tradition has been that on December 27 from 7-10p.m. EST we invite everyone (yes, that includes you if you are reading this) to light a candle, wherever you are, so that we can all be together in spirit.  Each year as you light your candle, think of all of those who are also lighting a candle, each of us is different, practice understanding how our differences enrich us, look a little harder for ways that we are the same, peace will naturally follow.  Every act of kindness makes a difference so keep Christmas with you, all through the year.

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