Thank you to Carol Biddle Wozniak for the word memories. I am blessed with many memories I’ve shared with countless children over the years working in the field of early childhood education. Today however my memories are overshadowed by the fact that 4 years ago I was spending the last 34 hours of my Mom’s life with her. My Mom was supportive of my choice to pursue a career in early childhood education, others were not. I can truly say that each and every time that I feel like I made a child’s day I feel like I’ve made a difference.

How do you make a child’s day? Children actually have an amazing sense of humor and they love to laugh so when spending time with a child, try not to be all serious about doing the right thing in their presence, and do your best to make them laugh! They will remember and at some point in their future those good memories will be important. Without good memories made during our childhoods how would we ever get through the rough patches in life?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve planned some serious activities for children. I tried to make sure that the children involved had fun so that they’d remember those activities. For example, a field trip to city hall to meet the mayor when you are 4 might not seem age appropriate. But add some juice and cookies with the mayor in his office and I’m pretty sure they’ll remember because there was an element of fun. Do you remember that field trip Mark Wozniak, Steve Wozniak, Sean Carter, Amelia Morchak, Terri Doyle Morilak, Mark Morilak, Michele Novotny Carter, Dan Carter, and Kathleen Carter VanGilder? That field trip although it involved city government and the mayor was not about politics, it was about making positive memories. Each person involved may remember it differently, but they remember because they had fun.

Another memory I was reminded of recently is the making of a time capsule. I had forgotten about this until a child involved recalled it. I recollect several items placed in the capsule including the then popular POGs. Did you ever make a time capsule? Do you remember what was placed in it? Do you recall where exactly is was buried? Please comment and let me know. I’d also like to know what you would put in a time capsule today? I look forward to your responses and please share this post so others can see that even on a day when you are flooded with sad memories a good memory can get you through it. To all the followers, thanks for all the good memories, be kind and make a memory today, you will need them when you least expect to…

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