Smile. It’s a kind facial expression, it can be given freely and it usually results in receiving one back as well. Smile is the work given to me by my cousin, Paul Seaburn, a man who makes many people smile on a daily basis as he writes. Paul has been writing comedy for years, recently he’s expanded his repertoire into writing about paranormal things which not only makes me smile, but also laugh! He can be serious and on occasion has offered me some very sound advice for which I am thankful, but I most like his ability to make me smile every time I see him.

When I was growing up smiley faces were the rage, appearing on t-shirts, jewelry and just about any wearable item as well as on stationary, greeting cards and tacky room décor! I had a favorite purple smiley face t-shirt. At the time it was also “in” to wear shirts inside-out. Does anyone else remember that stylish fad? I loved my purple smiley face t-shirt because I could wear it inside-out and the smiley was still visible so I felt doubly stylish!

I wonder though, with the constant bombardment of smiley faces coming at us from all over if we have become immune or resistant to the innate response of smiling back? So, today I am challenging anyone reading this to give away a kind facial expression. A smile is not really received unless you make eye contact; so I challenge you to make eye contact with someone and then give them one of your best smiles. No excuses, there are people everywhere who could use a smile to make their day. They are in line at the grocery store, they are a co-worker, a friend, someone sitting in their car next to you at the red light, if you are at home alone take a selfie and post it! The receiver of your smile will hopefully give you one back thus proving me wrong about our resistance to do so and perhaps they’ll give away yet another smile. Feel free to post your smiling face here, I can’t wait to see all the smiles and hear about who you gave a smile to, it will make my day!

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