Be Benevolent. About 6 months ago I asked my Facebook friends to give me a word for my birthday, the first one to arrive was benevolent. While I knew the meaning of this word I felt compelled to look it up once I received it. It means well-meaning and kindly. Synonyms include; kind, compassionate and philanthropic. Many of us do not use this word on a daily basis, in fact it is more likely used to describe the charitable acts of a business or corporation rather than the act of an individual. Thank you to Lynn Marie Carter for giving me this word. I feel honored to have received such a humanitarian word.

We should all find something that we feel kind, compassionate and caring about and then find a way to do something about it. For example, Amelia Morchak founded a business which creates custom crocheted items. Amelia learned to crochet from her grandmother and she lovingly named the business MarjorieElle, after her. Items can be ordered on Etsy or on the MarjorieElle Facebook page. Anyone who has ordered from her knows that you can see the love she puts into each creation. The best part though is not that she is doing something she loves but that she found a way to make it benevolent by donating a portion of her profits to the Alzheimer’s Association, a loving and benevolent tribute to her grandmother. Amelia is setting an example for us all.

Anyone who knows me knows that I care about children. I’ve always believed that children are capable of much more than anyone gives them credit for so I strive to help others understand that. Mister Fred Rogers said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” I have always believed that if you let children play they will discover their own individuality. Each child is unique and has their own approach to learning, thus their own approach to playing. I am discouraged when adults focus on how many letters of the alphabet or numbers a young child can recite, what they really need is to learn to rejoice in the wonder of themselves and others as unique individuals. Let them play!

As I strive to be benevolent I will be telling stories of more words and of children who’ve found their uniqueness and used it to make a difference in their own world. I hope you will enjoy reading it all…

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